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Everything you need to know about Nesthook
If I use Nesthook, will I be in compliance with the Settlement Agreement?
Absolutely.  Nesthook worked tirelessly with legal experts on the website's design and content so that it adheres strictly to the guidelines outlined in the settlement, providing agents with a safe and secure platform to disclose and search commission rates.
Is Nesthook a part of or a subsidiary of NAR or the MLS?
No. Nesthook has not been created by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), any Realtor Association or MLS. Nesthook is not a direct or indirect subsidiary, predecessor, or successor of NAR, or any Realtor Association or MLS. Nesthook is an independent organization that is not supported by NAR, any Realtor Association or MLS.
Who owns Nesthook?
Two real estate investors from the Midwest who value the hard work real estate agents do for their clients on both sides of the transaction. We are committed to providing a platform for brokers and agents, in compliance with the Settlement Agreement, to simply share commission arrangements agreed to in writing between brokerages and parties involved in real estate transactions.
Why should I use Nesthook?
Nesthook will save you time and money by having cooperating broker commission disclosure in one simple and compliant location. Avoid returning (or making) countless texts, calls, and emails about commission offerings, (and waiting for replies), and searching websites of multiple companies looking for where they have the commission offering posted. Nesthook is valuable for both seller agents and buyer agents to make disclosure and compliance simple and accessible.
Is Nesthook connected to the MLS?
How does Nesthook receive commission information?
Brokers and agents upload their property commission disclosure to the Nesthook platform.
Is Nesthook open to the general public?
No. Nesthook is for licensed real estate pros. You have to have a valid real estate license to create an account and access the information shared on Nesthook.
Can I upload 0% commission?
Yes. You can upload any percentage or dollar amount, as long as it is the exact amount your seller has approved of in writing.
Do I have to sign a contract with Nesthook?
How much does Nesthook cost?
$3.99 per month or $39.99 (2 months FREE - Most popular choice) if you pay for a year upfront. YES, it’s that inexpensive!
Is Nesthook nationwide?
Yes, Nesthook is a nationwide database.
Can I share my account with my team or other agents?
No. Each account is created with an independent real estate license number; you can only post your own listings and cannot share your account with other licensed brokers or agents. Granting access to a non-licensed personal assistant is permitted. Violation of this requirement will result in account suspension and/or termination.
Can I filter properties by commission offered?
Can I post residential and commercial properties on Nesthook
Yes. You can post commission offerings for both residential and commercial, including commercial leases.

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